Exploring the perceived material value of plastic.

2014 — The Next Nature Network — Product Design, Food Design

A planter specially designed for growing bonsai trees. The plant can be planted directly into the pot which provides just the right amount of space. A 3D printed drip tray allows excess water to accumulate under the roots to prevent rotting. 
The design was a result of an exploration on how to give a feeling of value to (3D printed) PLA. Generally, plastics are perceived as cheap and, in strange contrast to its extreem long life cycle, as a one-time-use product. We find it difficult to connect with it on an emotional level. It's the perfect example of the ever expanding human consumption. very light in weight with varying degrees of strength. Normally we experience plastic is experienced as a cheap, consumption,  A material which due to its light weight and plastic ceramic look and feel to 3D printed PLA.
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